The Department of Gastroenterology at HLG Hospital delivers best-in-class health care services to patients with diseases of the digestive system. The hospital’s onboard team of gastroenterology & endoscopy specialists diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the stomach, duodenum and small and large bowel (colon). The Department strives to accelerate the adoption of best practices in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. It is multidisciplinary and focuses on the needs of patients and the professionals caring for them.

  1. The Department has a complete infrastructural support (including critical care and high dependency units, and advanced diagnostic and Interventional Radiology units)
  2. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies which specialize in the detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and liver.
  3. The Department has been performing advanced surgeries in the field of Gastro­enterology, apart from routine surgical procedures and other operations of the Hepato-Biliary system, along with other diseased states of the Gastro­-intestinal system
  4. We are pioneers in Laparoscopic and, Laparoscopic procedures, such as Cholecystectomy, Hernia operations, Uretero lithotomy, Appendicectomy, Operations for Varicocele etc. are being done routinely.