General Medicine

This Department is the gateway to the super-specialized world of Internal Medicine. The basic layout of this department stands on the tripod of Outdoor, Specialty Clinic and Indoor. Patients with different aliments come here to avail of this facility. This Department provides diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients from adolescence through adult age. It further specializes in primary care, wellness and prevention, and care of patients with chronic medical conditions.

  1. Senior Consultants of Internal Medicine render their valuable services and opinions
  2. Round the clock availability of junior doctors
  3. Back up of highly equipped Pathology and Radiology Departments functioning 24×7 have enriched the functioning of this department
  4. Anything from connective tissue disorders, Infectious diseases with reference to special problems – Neoplastic ailments, Immunological diseases etc. are attended at our institute with compassion and excellent clinical care
  5. The Internal Medicine Department consists of a team of skilled and qualified physicians from the most renowned academic medical centers of India and abroad with years of valuable clinical experience
  6. The doctors provide highest quality of comprehensive healthcare services to patients facilitated by state-of-the-art technologies, wide variety of investigations and resources.

We have expertise at:

  • Prevention of diseases with accurate treatment plan
  • Management of chronic disorders and Treatment of all admitted patients

Scope of General Internal Medicine:

  • Provide patient-centered medical care
  • Treatment Plan for patients with extensive clinical needs
  • Treatment of chronic and complex multisystem diseases
  • Pre-operative check-up for optimizing medical co-morbidities and provision of Pre-and- Post-operative support in patients undergoing surgery

Special Services:

  • Infectious Diseases – Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, etc.
  • Hypertension
  • Pregnancy Related Medical Disorders
  • Multi Organ Failure
  • Sepsis and related complications