Find the Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Asansol

Orthopaedic is a branch of the medical field dealing with pain in bones, joints or muscles.  Orthopedician take care of injuries / diseases pertaining to musculoskeletal system of the body.

Signs to visit the Orthopaedics Doctor:

  1. Fracture of any bone in the body.
  2. Pain in the joints, bones, tendons and muscles.
  3. Back pain. (scoliosis, kyphosis or any other low back pain)
  4. Arthritis  (single/ multiple)
  5. Joint deformities
  6. Trouble with physical action like climbing stairs, cross leg sitting, sitting down or standing from sitting position.
  7. Feeling of numbness on hands and feet.
  8. Weak swollen or twisted knee, ankle, wrist and feet.
  9. Pain and discomfort from repetitive motion.
  10. Any sports injury.

Procedure performed at HLG Hospital Orthopaedics Department

  1. Simple to Complex trauma surgery
  2. Fracture (any bone, healing / non healing )
  3. Spine surgery
  4. Illizarov surgery
  5. ACL reconstruction surgery
  6. Joint replacement surgery (knee and hip)
  7. Tendon repair surgery
  8. Any and all other orthopedic procedures.

Best Orthopaedic Doctor available in HLG Hospital

Dr Ujjwal Kejariwal: Dr Kejariwal is a highly experienced orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in joint replacement, complex trauma surgery, arthroscopy, Illizarov surgery, ACL reconstruction surgery, Rotator cuff repair with experience of over 10 years. He is a MS Ortho with fellowship in Arthroscopy and Fellowship in Illizarov technique.

Dr Supriyo Maity: Dr Maity is associated with HLG hospital for delivering excellent patient care. He is a MS orthopaedic surgeon with rich experience in this field for all simple and complex orthopaedic surgery. He has been one of the most demanded orthopaedic surgeons for joint replacements and other surgeries

Dr Samiran Dey: Dr Dey is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon practicing in and around Asansol. He is extremely skilled and experienced with special expertise in spine and complex cases. Few of his good work has been into the field of shoulder arthroscopy and repair surgeries.

Dr Anil Kochar: Dr Kochar is a skilled orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in treating trauma care and wide range of orthopaedic conditions. He has been practicing in Asansol for over a decade now and has a high success rate in treatment.