Successful Spine Surgery in Asansol by Neurosurgeon Dr Mohammed Shoaib

A young female of 37 years of age a resident of Bokaro. Post LUCS she developed back pain for last ten years. The pain was sometimes so intense that it impacted her activities of daily living. From last 10/15 days it increased and was so severe that she couldn’t sit/walk and was completely bed ridden. She rushed from Orthopedicians to neuro to homoeopathic/ allopathic doctors but all of no use for her. Ultimately through word of mouth, she reached HLG Hospital for consultation with Neurosurgeon Dr Mohammed Shoaib. The doctor examined her and got necessary relevant investigations done.  Her MRI Scan of the Lower back showed L4-L5 Instability with listhesis and canal stenosis.

After explaining the associated risk factors doctor planned for the surgery as that was the only option left through which she could walk normally as before. Patient was not economically well to do and the whole procedure was done through the Swastha Sathi scheme.

Patient Testimonial

On 12th May surgery was done. She underwent L4-L5 Discectomy and Transforaminal  interbody fusion of L4 with pedicle screws and rods and L4-L5 cage  and to utter surprise and happiness for the patient and her husband she could actually walk on 3rd  day post OT. She could climb up and down the stairs. Her pain disappeared and her confidence to regain activities of daily living regained. On day 5 she and her husband is excited to go home expressing their gratitude towards the surgeon Dr Shoaib, Nursing team, OT team, doctors and the hospital.

Dr Mohamed Shoaib (NEUROSURGEON)

Dr Mohammed Shoaib – MBBS, DrNB (NEUROSURGEON)

Dr Mohammed Shoaib is a very energetic neurosurgeon who has acquired his skills and knowledge from India’s reputed institute. He has earlier worked in Government civil district hospital , in Coorg, Karnataka,  Ruby Hall Pune, Paras Gurgaon and Max Saket Delhi. He is now associated with HLG Hospital as an in-house Neurosurgeon.

He is available Monday – Saturday in OPD from 10 am- 5 pm and 24*7 for any emergency.