HLG: Our Paediatric and Cardiology Services Are Ranked The Best In The East

HLG Hospital Asansol bags ET Healthcare awards

It is indeed a proud moment for HLG Hospital for being recognised by the most prestigious awards by ET Healthcare Awards in the healthcare industry in not just one but two categories – 1) Best Hospital: Cardiology (East Region) 2) Best Hospital: Paediatrics (East Region) HLG is a tertiary care hospital with a mission to […]

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What Makes HLG the Best Hospital for Paediatrics?

hlg hospital - HLG Hospital

HLG the Best Hospital for Paediatrics Paediatricians and parents know that every child is unique. This means that the care your child receives at a paediatric hospital will vary greatly depending on their individual medical needs, age and stage of development. At HLG Hospital, Paediatrics is one of our specialties with doctors specially trained in […]

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Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty by Dr Samiren Dey and Dr Rajasahree Mukherjee

Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty (non-dominant hand) done at HLG Hospital by Dr Samiren Dey and Dr Rajasahree Mukherjee in an 84 years old obese female patient with comorbidity. What is Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty? Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty is a form of partial joint replacement for the management of pathologies concerning proximal humerus. One of the rare surgery performed by the […]

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Life-Saving Neurosurgery Operative Procedure

Asansol, West Bengal, September 7th 2021 Mr PG aged 78 years came to the emergency department in poor general condition. He was drowsy, disoriented and had a left-sided weakness. Relatives were in a panic state. On examination and investigation, he was diagnosed with right-sided acute intracranial hematoma (Acute SDH). He required emergency surgery to save […]

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