Craniotomy Procedure: A 69-year-old patient’s experience

The procedure by Renowned Neurosurgeon Dr Sohag Bose

A hale and hearty 69-year-old patient post his Craniotomy procedure which was conducted by our renowned Neurosurgeon Dr Sohag Bose, ready to go home after being treated and nurtured by our team!

A massive brain haemorrhage on the left side of the brain was observed, causing total paralysis of the right side of the body due to increased pressure inside the skull. This could have easily led to coma & fatality, if not operated on immediately. The operation went smoothly, no ventilation was required post-operation & he was discharged hale and hearty on the 7th day post-operation.

Craniotomy Procedure A 69 year old patients - HLG Hospital

Feedback from the Patient