Breaking: 1st Time Successful ASD Operation in Asansol

First Time in Asansol Congenital Heart Defect Treated Successfully

A female aged 30 years was referred from Nursing homes to multiple hospitals and finally approached us. Patient had came to know about HLG’s Cardiac Unit through one of our old satisfied patient. A detailed study and diagnosis was done and appropriate treatment was provided keeping in view the young age of patient who is […]

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CSR Activity of HLG Hospital with Rotary Club of Asansol

CSR Activity of HLG Hospital with Rotary Club 6 - HLG Hospital

The Rotary Club of Asansol collaborated with HLG Memorial Hospital & conducted a CSR activity wherein a team of doctors from the departments of paediatrics, gynaecology, and ophthalmology provided health check-ups for both children and their mothers. Doctors present during the event were Dr Ritesh Kumar Singh, Dr Pradeep Karmakar, Dr Sohini, and Dr K […]

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10 Necessary Info on Cardiac Surgery – Dr Chaina Sarkar Pal

monitoring, life monitor, ekg

Dr Chaina Sarkar Pal(CTVS surgeon) Sharing Valuable info on Cardiac Surgery Dr Chaina Sarkar Pal is a highly skilled and experienced Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon (CTVS). She is an expert in complex heart surgeries and has successfully performed many critical surgeries throughout her career. She is associated with HLG Memorial Hospital, Asansol. 10 Necessary Info […]

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