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Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

The focus of laboratory services at HLG Hospital is to provide the patients with excellent services 24X7, and report results that offer answers for patients and physicians. Thanks to the application of pioneering technology, the laboratory services at HLG Hospital takes pride in offering affordable inpatient and outpatient testing facilities, speedy results, and superior customer service.

Our Quality Policy

International Quality Control: - The quality of tests in the lab is monitored under a third party quality control system by Randox. The tests results of the laboratory is sent to quality control laboratories in UK under the RIQAS programme at regular intervals and quality engineers regularly visit to keep a check at all instruments in the laboratory. 

Patients’ come first – that’s the quality policy of laboratory services at HLG Hospital. All the staff members and technicians of our lab are dedicated to provide our patients the finest clinical care by ensuring prompt and accurate results using methods, procedures, and technology that match the best practices in the world.

Facilities on Offer

HLG Hospital is popular for offering laboratory facilities such as:

·         Pathlab (Pathology) Facility

·         24/7 Fluids Tests

·         Peritoneal Fluid Analysis

·         All types of urine, blood and stool tests

·         Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs)

·         All kinds of hormone analysis

·         ELISA Test

·         Blood Gas Analysis

Some special tests like Infertility Test, Torch Test, and Kariotype Test are also conducted by the lab of HLG Hospital, under the guidance of Dr.Sarbagya, a popular gynecologist with years’ of experience in his chosen domain.

Contemporary Machines in Use

At HLG Hospital’s lab, modern machines are in use such as:

·         Cell Counter Machine

·         Semi Auto Machine for Biochemistry test

·         Electrolyte Analyzer

·         Automatic Blood Gas Analyzer

·         CLIA Machine for special hormonal test

·         Full Auto Machine (Randox)

·         Elisa Reader for special test

The laboratory services of HLG Hospital don’t stop at the mere diagnosis of the ailment. Rather, the professionals work to ensure that the laboratory results are interpreted efficiently and applied to a patient’s clinical condition.

All our laboratory services are monitored regularly with respect to quality indicators to ensure that our quality matches the high level of testing proficiency that auditors require. We have been successful in blending the efficiency of automation and quality of services to streamline and simplify procedures to help our patients enjoy excellent lab facilities and services.


TPA Services :

Insurance companies associated with us: Medi Assist, Heritage Health Services (P) Ltd., Medsave Health Care Ltd., E-Meditek Solution Ltd., Star Health & Insurance Allied Co Ltd., ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co.Ltd., MD India, Bajaj Allianze, ICICI Prudential.

Corporate Empanelments :


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